Strawberry Cake with Rhubarb Swiss Buttercream

Sometimes, having this blog makes me feel like Dr. Jekyll  and Mr. Hyde. As my friends and family will tell you, I'm constantly on the quest for healthy and delicious tasting food. That's not to say an exquisite chocolate croissant won't catch my eye from time-to-time (*cough cough* Sub Rosa Bakery) but overall, eating well is one of my passions. It's not about counting calories - it's about nutrition. I  focus on gut-health, limiting the intake of processed foods, cruelty-free farms, and saying no to the usage of harmful pesticides. 

And yet.

Strawberry Mousse - Cake Filling that Works

A few weeks back, I delivered my second ever wedding cake (stay tuned for details). The bride and groom requested a vanilla cake with strawberry filling. I knew just the recipe for the tiers thanks to the Gender Reveal cake from last year but I very rarely bake with strawberries. They're more of a tart and pie kind of ingredient, right? It was time to roll up the sleeves, muss up the ol' apron, and pretend to be America's Test Kitchen.

DIY: Easy Cupcake Party Hats

These cupcake toppers are super cute and, more importantly, super easy to make! I saw some in the baking aisle and balked at the cost. They weren't crazy pricey but still... it was one of those moments where you think, "pshhh, I could make that." And so I did.

Vietnamese Coffee Éclairs

Our home has few traditions but my husband made one decree that I've been able to uphold: eclairs on his birthday. I love making him sweet treats because he is such a kid about the whole process. He's giddy while they're in the oven and stares at them patiently while I painstakingly fumble about  taking photos for a blog post. What a great guy! This year, I bookmarked this magnificent idea for Vietnamese Coffee Eclairs.

Hoppy Easter Bread

Not going to lie. I love how these little bunnies turned out for Easter! The original intention was to bake Folar da Páscoa, a Portuguese bread given to God children by their God parents (the dough over the egg symbolizes a cross). Even though my beautiful God children live in West VA, I thought it would be nice to include at our own dining table as a cultural tradition. 

While researching the recipe, I discovered that there are a variety of Easter breads from other European cultures (i.e. Greek and Italian). They were so pretty! The braided dough and vibrantly colored eggs nestled in the crevices had me smitten.